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Your success = our success. If you do it right and we can make a nice offer, we will be successful together. And that's what matters to me.

Bekwaam InterimManagement

Bekwaam InterimManagement was created 12 years ago with the idea to help contractors in the execution of UAV-GC contracts, especially in the contracting industry. At that time a new way of working in which many responsibilities were placed with the contractors.

Over the years, we have increasingly focused on commissioning parties such as Rijkswaterstaat & provinces. There we mainly deal with 3 issues: IPM role holders, asset management (strategic, tactical, operational) and engineering.

Knowledge & Skills

What I especially like about Compliance Factory is that there is an enormous amount of knowledge about everything that has to do with flexible deployment. Whether it concerns self-employed people, payrolling or temporary employment, there is such a lot of knowledge that we can fall back on.

At the same time, we have accommodated a large group of people at Compliance Factory who we have contracted in the right way. That is one of the services that Compliance Factory has after all. In addition, it is also the personal approach they have. It is not a company that does everything online, of course a lot happens online, but the personal approach and the attention to people are very important to me.

Samen voor het Spoor

Samen voor het Spoor (SvhS) was launched a few years ago. There was a question for a broker and supplier (you could choose that separately), we have chosen to take on the broker role in combination with the supplier. Ultimately, Prorail opted for SvhS, which is a partnership with Compliance Factory, Praeceptum, Syntraal and Bekwaam.

The four of us have built a brokerage company with which we broker between 130 and 150 contracts at Prorail. Not only brokers, but we also have an explicit role in recruiting new people for Prorail. And by new people we actually mean interim people who start working on all kinds of projects within technology.

Stronger together

What you see is that many organizations concerning water are engaged in public tenders. With Samen voor het Water we want to be a substantive broker (we know our business, we can make good selections, we have a good network of suppliers on which we can fall back when completing all kinds of assignments) and of course a lot of knowledge and expertise of which contract fits which situation and how you guarantee compliance to the client.

Your success = our success. If you do it right and we can make a nice offer, we will be successful together. And that’s what matters to me.