Flexible. Without risk.

Various problems arise in the field of the self-employed (DBA Act), temporary employees (WAB) and temporary workers (CAO). Solutions are often chosen that ultimately focus on cost reduction and not on cost control. The risks remain.

Managing risks is therefore not a side effect. It should be part of the business plan and strategy. Compliance Factory is the appropriate person to compile and guarantee the regulations within your organisation.

As a hiring partner, we unburden you.

We ensure the elimination of hiring risks based on in-depth knowledge & unique proprietary software. Together we achieve grip, insight and control over the hiring process.

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Knowledge makes the difference
between a good and bad solution

What are the risk areas?

  • Lack of consistency in policies and agreements
  • Command definition
  • Legally incorrect terms
  • Lack of review and enforcement
  • Legal succession
  • Document management
  • Authority/Equality
  • Economic dependency
  • Number of clients / 70% criterion

What does Compliance Factory offer?

  • In-depth knowledge of contracts and legislation. We are involved in working groups that discuss (implementation) policy and agreements with ministries and the tax authorities. As a result, we are immediately aware of changes in applicable laws and regulations.
  • Continuity. There is always someone present who can perform the tasks in the same (correct) way.
  • Flexibility. Whether it concerns 20 or 200 contracts that need to be handled, we move with your organization while the direct costs remain the same . (this is different when you have deployed someone internally for this)
  • Certainty. Always assured of the right advice.

Our knowledge & skills deployed at BlueTrail:

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