Assistant Manager @ CORE CHANGEMAKERS

It provides us with peace and certainty, allowing us to concentrate on the foreground instead of the things happening in the background.

Core Changemakers is our pride. It started as a student company, and now we are here with over 35 students from different nationalities, diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from MBO schools to technical universities: everyone is welcome.

3 core pillars

At Core Changemakers, we focus on three core pillars: Impact, Learning, and Inclusivity. We always work on our projects with these three pillars in mind. In other words, we tackle the issue at its core, and we drive the change.

Making a difference

The changes we offer are changes for both students and the environment. We achieve this, for instance, through Temnos, a project that combines AI with X-Ray technology. It recognizes batteries within waste streams up to 60cm deep, sorts them, and removes them to prevent explosion risks. This is the strength of Core Changemakers: addressing issues at their core and collaborating with all students and (large) companies.


Compliance Factory handles the payroll for Core Changemakers. It’s a wonderful and sustainable collaboration, something we strongly believe in. They are flexible and supportive, which is essential for a startup like ours. It provides us with peace and certainty, allowing us to concentrate on the forefront instead of the background activities.